February 2017 – TS 22163 Preparatory events

CC-Rail is the first and only provider of preparatory courses on the requirements of the next IRIS generation, the ISO/TS 22163. These preparatory courses in German began in October 2016 and will end in Switzerland in March 2017.

Participants from Germany and Austria and the world’s leading railway companies, such as Thales, Nexans, Hawker, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik and BREMSKERL-REIBBELAGWERKE, took this advantage. All preparatory courses were very well attended and were quickly sold-out. So many positive feedbacks from past participants give courage to continue these seminars after the issuance of the new IRIS assessment sheet, but then enhanced by even more optional requirements.

Following the publication of the TS 22163 standard and the new IRIS certification rules, including the new IRIS Assessment Sheet, the IRIS Academy will offer two modular seminars. Module 1: ISO/TS 22163 Requirements – The “HIGH School for IRIS MANAGER” focuses on the improved requirements of the TS 22163 standard, while Module 2: New IRIS Certification Rules: May / 2017 – The “HIGH School for Internal IRIS Auditors ” will inform about the brand-new IRIS assessment methodology.



  1. Matthias Kraft  February 5, 2017

    Das Training war gut vorbereitet und der Inhalt wurde in angenehmer Atmosphäre praxisnah vermittelt. Nun gilt es, die neuen Anforderungen der IRIS im Unternehmen zu integrieren.

  2. Frank Fleischer  February 27, 2017

    Das Seminar enthielt viele gute Praxisbeispiele. Die lockere Atmosphäre und die begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl unterstützte anregende Diskussionen. Die Umsetzung der Normenanforderungen in Ablaufbeschreibungen war sehr gut dargestellt.


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