23 August 2019: Internal IRIS Auditor Training in Dalian (China)

CC-Rail works closely and exclusively with Xiuluan SHI in China. Mrs. SHI has more than 30 years of industry experience and 10 years’ experience as IRIS Lead auditor. Also, she is a core team member of Alstom Transport’s IRIS audit team. After several co-training sessions, she has now received permission to hold IRIS Academy seminars in China as a licensed trainer.

The IRIS seminar in Dalian was attended by system engineers, system auditors, quality managers and management representatives from private companies. This IRIS course also focuses on providing participants with a complete and correct understanding of ISO/TS 22163 requirements through numerous case studies, exercises and proven solutions.

In the coming year, CC-Rail will expand its range of services in China with two important building blocks: IRIS SILVER workshops and IRIS project management training. As usual, the first courses will be led by Andreas Heinzmann. Only after thorough induction Ms. SHI will take over the seminars later in the following years.

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