31 July – 04 August 2018 – inhouse “Internal IRIS Auditor”-seminar at CRRC MA in Boston

CC-Rails quality policy states that any contract must become a recommendation for the next one. Hence, after a first contract with CRRC in Qingdao, now CC-Rail awarded a contract from CRRC MA in Boston to deliver IRIS training and an IRIS TOP Management awareness session, which is primarily aimed to gain a better understanding of the new ISO/TS 22163 requirements and IRIS Certification rules.

Both services contain comprehensive information that have been prepared in a didactically well-grounded way, provided in a total of 40 training hours and supported by a more than 300-page training document, including many case studies and exercises as well as numerous best practices and proven solutions of the global railway industry. There are currently no better IRIS training modules on the matter of new IRIS Certification System Rev03 available on the global market. The training saves participants a lot of their time when introducing the new IRIS requirements and brings often also a much better understanding.


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