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Context: With the transition from IRIS Rev02 to Rev03 (May 2017 -September 2018) all IRIS certified companies had to start with the Bronze status. However, depending on your company’s strategy, the customer needs, and most important, your company’s own maturity of performance, it can qualify for even higher levels such as SILVER and GOLD. The IRIS group had decided to gradually introduce these requirements in the market to avoid the big   RUN ON GOLD. The 3-level approach is not intended as a prestige fight. First and foremost, companies should continuously improve their product quality and -safety as well as process quality, and so, recommend themselves for higher levels. We all are now looking forward to the publication of the conditions for attaining the SILBER level, but in the meantime, we are already preparing for it.

If you understand the IRIS requirements correctly, you will quickly realize that it is not about half-hearted solutions to satisfy the auditors. Your own business benefits must always be in the foreground. Then one understands that the old “silo”-thinking shall be terminated to make room for more customer orientation and team work. The IRIS certificate only marks the goal at annually recurring milestones. If implemented correctly, after years, a cultural change will lead to a true quality culture. These companies that have recognized this, are playing in the Champions League. They are also willing to invest a decent amount in the best coaches because they know that success will pay off. All others will continue climbing up and down in their league and continue complaining about cost and time pressure, “daily fire extinguishing” and margin losses, without ever getting their investment in the IRIS certificate back.

Leader: Andreas Heinzmann, is a founder of the IRIS system and was the first president of the IRIS Group. Under his leadership, the certification system has been developed. Hence, he has been and still is a major contributor to all previous revisions. Among other things, he was also a member of the five-member team of experts, which has worked out the draft of the new ISO/TS 22163 standard. He provides you first-hand information that hardly anyone else could deliver. In addition, he motivates participants to deploy the IRIS requirements by explaining the usefulness and interrelations between the IRIS requirements, and by providing a wealth of context information and practical examples of the rail industry. ….. read more

Objectives: This workshop aims to help your company to reach the next qualification level of in the most efficient way. Those participants using the IRIS certification system as a tool to continuously improve, perhaps even to achieve EXCELLENCE, can exchange opinions and solutions with the coach, as well as with each other on how to implement the SILVER requirements in the most beneficial way.

Target group: This course requires extensive IRIS skills and achievements such as either the degree of an IRIS Coach, an Internal IRIS Auditor or an IRIS Manager. Furthermore, all process owners and process experts are invited who take care of the continuous improvement of their business management systems.

Content: Details can be reviewed by downloading the agenda (sorry, is still under development). Specifically, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • understanding the IRIS requirements for achieving the silver level,
  • discussion of 20 further optional processes, their interactions with other processes, their meaningfulness and priorities, plus more optional requirements of the IRIS assessment sheet.
  • solutions to all 20 optionally required processes,
  • strategies to achieve the required scores in evaluating the enablers, the process performance, and customer perception performance,
  • workshops to exchange and discuss best practices of the railway industry.

Proof of performance: You will receive a graved 31 g (1oz) ultrafine silver medal with highest 999.9 purity as well as a proof of attendance including photographs of the workshop results.

Customer Satisfaction: CC-Rail is the world’s first and still the only provider of a comprehensive IRIS training concept that meets a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 2-day events to challenging 40-hour IRIS seminars. We have invested more than 1000 hours in all these seminar preparations and offer much more than just “assisted reading”. The IRIS Academy has been the “HIGH SCHOOL” for managers in the railway industry since 2009. It is globally known and highly appreciated in the industry for its unique training standard according its motto “only the best for the bests” as well as for its exceptional practical proximity. So far, more than 1400 managers from all continents have benefited from the seminars offered by the IRIS Academy. 98% of them rated our courses as “EXCELLENT” and recommend this to others. Hence you can look forward to a seminar that exceptional differs from all other events.

Duration: 2 exciting and intensive days (16 hours),

Language: English.

Number of participants: min. 10 / max. 15.

Venue: The event takes place in the Berlin City area. We will contract a good 4-Star Hotel in downtown as soon as we have more than 4 registrations. The exact address will be communicated by E-mail. Now, please save the date!

Seminar fee per participant: 1.100 EUR for your documents as well as the conference room &. technology, drinks and lunch during the seminar. You will receive a pro forma invoice in advance for any internal orders. The official invoice will only be given if the event is guaranteed (latest 4 weeks before the start).

4 good reasons to choose us:

  1. We invest a significant portion of our time in the different bodies of the IRIS Group and so we always have the most up-to-date information. From the beginning we were deeply involved in developing and updating the IRIS standard, including its Audit-Tools. Recently we were represented in the 5-member core team drafting the ISO/TS 22163 standard. So, we have more knowledge and background information from first hand than others.
  2. We have huge experiences in nearly all scopes of the rail sector and mentored more than 100 companies. Facing the operational reality every day, we are well positioned to come up with solutions that are already proven in practice. Hence, we can equip you with real advantages over your competition.
  3. We bring top experts together and so we promote the exchange of BEST PRACTICES and networking.
  4. Our offers make sense and generate added value. If you really want to understand the IRIS requirements, its context and inter-correlation, then we invite you to share our knowledge with you. With us, you may save a lot of resources after the course, because you have understood how to tackle the matters during your introduction.
  5. We train the “Champions League” and we are aware that we are not the cheapest, but we want to be the best. Nevertheless, overall, we provide the best value for money – fair and transparent.

Inquiries for inhouse workshops: please send an e-mail to We try to respond within 24 hours.

Registration for public workshops: Please visit the course table at and book under “Details”

Booking deadline: Immediately after booking deadline, we must pay our reservations (travels, accommodation, conference arrangements, prints and your certificates). Therefore, it is very important for us that you sign up for the seminar as soon as possible to reach the economically required minimum number of participants. The booking deadline is usually 4 weeks before the start of the seminar. If the seminar is guaranteed, you can still sign up for up to 2 business days before you start, depending on the availability of vacant seats. If the minimum number of participants will not be reached, unfortunately the seminar must be canceled. Therefore, please do not book your travel before you have received our official training invitation.