April 2017 − TS 22163 In-house Veranstaltungen in Pittsburgh

CC-Rail erhielt einen Großauftrag von Bombardier Transportation. Insgesamt sollen 52 IRIS/TS 22163 Experten in 4 x 4-tägigen Inhouse-Seminaren geschult werden, um die neuen Anforderungen schnell und effizient zu verstehen. Die Seminare sind an Bombardier Standorten in Berlin, Pittsburgh (USA), Savli (Indien) und einem weiteren Europäischen Werk geplant.

17 IRIS Experten aus den USA, Kanada und Mexiko nahmen an dem Seminar teil. Sie koordinieren intern in ihren Standorten oder Funktionen den Übergangsprozess, um relevante interne Geschäftsprozessdokumente nach ISO/TS22163 zu aktualisieren.


  1. Andreas Heinzmann  Mai 10, 2017

    Following is a collection of comments from the IRIS Experts, gathered from their feedback sheets for the seminar evaluation:

    I liked most the process-requirements presented as flowcharts linked to inputs and outputs.

    Clear identification of mandatory-, KO-, optional- and PEAR- requirements.

    The instructor was on target, met the expectations and provided good practices.

    A lot of relevant changes that apply in the new version were clarified, and the training material is the correct to show clearly all updates.

    I liked separating key knowledge with focus, and not spending too much time on what is mostly already known. Good balance of information to participants that have varying levels of IRIS knowledge and experience.

    The FMEA exercise was very helpful. The speeches were also helpful at generating discussion.

    The suggestions and examples on how to fulfill the requirements and the exercises were really good.

    Good exchange of information, training material will provide good reference in later times. Speeches were good the encourage discussions.

    I liked most pointing out the key changes what was new and where to pay attention to.

    The training material is well put together. The vertical process flows are simple and clear to understand.
    We had some good discussions about KPIs, risk assessment and EPPPS.

    Content is very well presented. Very clear, good summary.

    I liked the presentation where new requirements were clearl highlighted. This ease the reading and understanding. Added value to understand approach and apply it to my Business Process Owner role.

    I liked the method (flowcharts) used to explain the process requirements. It provides a clear structure and content.


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