September 5th, 2016 − Singapore

Singapore Rail Engineering, ein Unternehmen der SMRT Gruppe, vergab an CC-Rail einen Vertrag über eine 7-tägige Inhouse-Schulung zum Thema “IRIS- & Projektmanager”.

Dieses Training verbindet die beiden Kurse “IRIS-Anforderungen – Vorbereitung für die nächste IRIS-Revision” und “Projektmanagement für die Bahnindustrie”. Es fand vom 05.-13. Dezember 2016 in den Räumen der SMRT Corporation Sports & Recreation Center (SCRC) statt.



  1. Zhi ZhenZhen  Dezember 19, 2016

    The trainer is:
    • very experienced in railway industry, and
    • has in-depth understanding of IRIS,
    • able to quote relevant examples from other companies, audits etc.,
    • able to provide good suggestions that suits our company’s situation,
    • can relate to other Quality- or Business Management Systems, e.g. automotive industry.

  2. Denise Teo  Dezember 19, 2016

    • presentation of requirements in flowchart format makes it easy to follow and understand,
    • guidelines and recommendations were clear,
    • pace was good,
    • many idea and clarity as well on how a good project should be run
    • arrange for specific departments to attend the relevant topics.

  3. Ng Aik Meng  Dezember 19, 2016

    It was fruitful and good to familiarize with the new IRIS requirements (ISO/TS 22163),
    it helps also improving my management skills in the rail industry,
    a lot of best practice examples can be applied directly in my daily work,
    the presentation of training materials are well organized and easy to understand.


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