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If you are interested, please visit https://www.cc-rail.info/en/academy/. With the help of the course numbers provided in the calendar (e.g. C221) you will find there under “Details” more information about important seminar content, fees, the venue addresses, the number of vacant seats, the agenda, etc.

This calendar contains public seminars only. Inhouse courses are not displayed. If your are interested in courses in German language, please change here.

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After downloading the print version, you can open various seminar fact sheets mentioned in the pdf table in which you will find many useful information, such as: the training context, information about your lecturers, the venues, the target groups, the seminar content, language editions, notes on the seminar documents, the seminar fees & discounts, the proof of performance (records), our customer satisfaction, the address for your inquiries and course registrations, the booking deadlines and other links to the agenda and excerpts from the seminar documents (reading samples).

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If you like to allow yourself something good, there are six serious reasons to come to us:

  1. We invest a significant portion of our time in getting most up-to-date information. From the beginning in 2004, we were directly involved in developing and growing the IRIS standard. Lastly, CC-Rail was represented in the 5-member core team drafting the ISO/TS 22163 standard. So, we provide you background information first-hand that hardly anyone else could deliver.
  2. We are 4 partners, together with more than 100 years professional experience in nearly all scopes of the rail business. Everyone is one of http://3. https://www.cc-rail.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/20191030-About-us.pdfthe best on his field. Facing the operational reality every day, we are well positioned to come up with solutions that are already proven in practice. Hence, we can equip you with real advantages over your competition.
  3. We bring top experts together and promote the exchange of BEST PRACTICES and networking.
  4. Our offers make sense and generate added value. If you really want to understand the IRIS requirements, its context and inter-correlation, then we invite you to share our knowledge with you. With us, you may save a lot of resources after the seminar, because you have understood how to tackle the matters efficiently and effectively. Hence, your investment will multiple pay back quickly.
  5. Our training sets the benchmark in the rail sector, including the technical publications which are used by many companies as guidelines for the improvement of their business processes.
  6. We train the “Champions League” and we are aware that we are not the cheapest, but we want to be the best. Nevertheless, overall, we provide the best value for money – fair and transparent.