QM SPECIAL ENGINEER with diploma (IRIS academy)

Access requirements:

Engineer (also Bachelor or Master in engineering sciences). It doesn’t require any further prerequisites, such as the multi-year professional experience, the submission of other certificates or the regular participation in paid information events.


  1. free timetable of all course modules, courses in German or English are equivalent,
  2. third-party certificates, e.g. of certification bodies, consultants, etc. can unfortunately not be recognized as these do not meet our high training standards.

Training structure:

  • self-study in preparation for the courses,
  • presentations, exercises and workshops to deepen what has been learned as well as written examinations during the seminars,
  • homework and follow-up.

Duration: fast track 7-9 months

Cost: regular course fees as mentioned in the booking table. After each booked course, there will be a discount of 5% for the next one. For the work study review and the examination, travel expenses will be incurred only. No further fees will be charged.

Graduation / Proof of performance: After successfully completing and passing the seminars and work studies you will hold in your hands:

  • the certificates for each course module,
  • the detailed proofs of achievement,
  • a diploma issued by the IRIS Academy.

The certificates of the IRIS Academy enjoy quite good recognition worldwide and serve as proof of your knowledge. We save your certificate and you can retrieve it easily, also after years.

Publication: If you agree, we will publish your new qualification on our web portal.

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For further information about the respective course modules, please refer to the seminar calendar and the course descriptions in this menue