The ‘HIGH’ school for Supplier Performance Manager

including Supplier Quality Assurance matters


Context: railway products are becoming increasingly complex and technically more demanding. While a railway manufacturer could manufacture almost all functionally important parts and components by themselves in the past, these technical and technological possibilities alone are hardly sufficient today. Now, provider of rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure have become integrators of complete systems, which they mostly purchase. Since the production depth (vertical integration) has become ever lower, today suppliers are indispensable specialists who can have a total value share of more than 60% of a product. Hence, often they are not exclusively responsible for production, but also for the design and development of their deliveries. Therefore, suppliers have become important partners, whose overall performance is deserving special attention, to keep a close eye on all the risks and opportunities.

Trainer: Wolfram Krekeler
as usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first hand with you! In line with our motto “The best for the bests in the Rail Industry”, CC-Rail engaged Wolfram Krekeler, a Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) – pioneer. Since many years, he has built up the SQA function at Bombardier Transportation and was responsible for the worldwide development and implementation of high-level Supplier Performance standards. In the global railway sector, there is hardly a Second, who can report so many practical experiences from the day-to-day Supplier Performance-business and has left so deep traces in this area.

Objectives: often, one believes to already know everything … That this is not the case will be experienced even by experts in this seminar. The aim of the course is to provide many suggestions for improving your supplier performance business, keeping also future requirements of the railway sector in mind, and to make you familiar with all relevant supplier performance topics. This is going far beyond pure product quality requirements but is covering the supplier’s total performance along the value chain, including delivery, field, financial and start-up performance. Especially the ISO 22163 (IRIS) standard requires knowledge with special attention to the sourcing process (external provided products, processes and services). After the course, you should have numerous best practices and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily business.

Target group: managers and engineers in the fields of supplier quality assurance and supplier performance management, purchasing, lead buyer, system engineering and project management as well as auditors.

Content: specifically, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • organization of the SQA function, roles and responsibilities, special fields of competence,
  • risk-based material and supplier classification,
  • procurement strategies, including outsourcing and transfer (incl. special focus on C-class parts),
  • supplier segmentation,
  • procurement processes, including gate reviews at defined milestones and in case of ramp-ups
  • supplier visits and diverse types of supplier audits,
  • commitment of the rail industry, published by IRIS-Group in 2013,
  • methods for supplier evaluation and approval,
  • purchasing specifications and other applicable documents,
  • methods for the evaluation of supplier offers based on total cost,
  • methods to supervise supplier’s development and for the approval of new parts, e.g. First Article Inspections,
  • methods for incoming goods inspection, including random checks,
  • KPIs for supplier’s performance evaluation and supplier feed-back sessions,
  • handling of non-conforming deliveries, including chargeback and claims management,
  • management of low-performing suppliers (supplier improvement or supplier phase-out),
  • methods of supplier development,
  • Obsolescence Management,
  • SQA methods and tools as well as sufficient material that you can apply immediately,
  • many practical exercises and case studies from real life,
  • workshops to exchange and discuss best practices from the railway industry.

Duration and Agenda: 4 exciting and intensive days (32 seminar hours). Please download the agenda.

Proof of performance: after passing the exam, participants can receive the certificate as IRIS SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE MANAGER as well as a detailed proof of achievement. The certificates of the IRIS Academy serve as proof of IRIS knowledge for the next 3 years.

Language: the lecture and seminar documents are in English. Our extensive and didactically very well-prepared training materials are always up to date. Our training materials are globally used by many companies as guidelines and benchmarks.

Handout sample: please download a reading sample.

Customer Satisfaction:CC-Rail is the world’s first and still the only provider of a comprehensive IRIS training concept that meets a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 2-day events to challenging 40-hour IRIS seminars. We have invested more than 1200 hours in all these seminar preparations and offer much more than just assisted reading. The IRIS Academy has been the HIGH SCHOOL” for managers in the railway industry since 2009. It is globally known and highly appreciated in the industry for its unique training standard according its motto only the best for the bests” as well as for its exceptional practical proximity. So far, more than 1700 managers from all continents have benefited from the seminars offered by the IRIS Academy. 95% of them rated our courses as EXCELLENT” and recommend this to others. Hence you can look forward to a seminar that exceptional differs from events of other provider.

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