The ‘HIGH’ school for an IRIS COACH

– the highest competence level –

Context: every IRIS certified company should have at least one IRIS COACH who has the highest degree of competence in this matter and who is able to govern others. But who equips you with the necessary knowledge and motivates you on this field?

Trainer: Andreas Heinzmann
as usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first hand with you! In line with our credo The Best for the Best in the Rail Industry”, Andreas Heinzmann will present this seminar. He is a founder of the IRIS system and was the first president of the IRIS Group. Under his leadership, the certification system has been developed. Hence, he has been and still is a major contributor to all previous revisions. Among other things, he was also a member of the five-member team of experts, which has worked out the draft of the ISO/TS 22163 standard and gave numerous comments concerning the ISO DIS 22163. He provides you first-hand information that hardly anyone else could deliver. In addition, he motivates participants to deploy the IRIS requirements by explaining the usefulness and interrelations between the IRIS requirements, and by providing a wealth of context information and practical examples of the rail industry. He promotes a modern, user-friendly and lean set of visual business processes in a very clear structure.

Objectives: this course requires that you already own extensive IRIS skills and either have the degree of an internal IRIS auditor or an IRIS manager. It aims to provide you with all the necessary knowledge that will enable you

  • to be a competent contract and contact person for certification bodies,
  • to successfully manage and train the internal auditor pool in your company,
  • to verify business management documents (flow charts, procedures, instructions, etc.) for compliance with the IRIS standard, and
  • generally, to be a first point of contact for all process owners and your entire company because you are the most competent person regarding the IRIS certification system in all technical IRIS matters.

Target group: heads of QM, Managers of the Rail Quality Management System, internal IRIS Auditors or IRIS Managers

Content: specifically, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • motivation to implement and maintain an IRIS-compliant business management system, effort and benefits of having such system,
  • activation of process owners, process- and management reviews usefully conducted
  • concluding certification strategies and certification contracts,
  • internal and external audits, audit program, auditor management, auditor competencies, audit techniques,
  • practical exercises as in real life,
  • workshops to exchange and discuss best practices from the railway industry.

Duration and Agenda: 2 exciting and intensive days (16 seminar hours). Please download the agenda

Proof of performance: after passing the exam, participants can receive the certificate as IRIS COACH as well as a detailed proof of achievement. The certificates of the IRIS Academy serve as proof of IRIS knowledge for the next 3 years.

Language: the lecture and seminar documents are in English. Our extensive and didactically very well-prepared training materials are always up to date. Our training materials are globally used by many companies as guidelines and benchmarks.

Customer Satisfaction:CC-Rail is the world’s first and still the only provider of a comprehensive IRIS training concept that meets a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 2-day events to challenging 40-hour IRIS seminars. We have invested more than 1200 hours in all these seminar preparations and offer much more than just assisted reading. The IRIS Academy has been the HIGH SCHOOL” for managers in the railway industry since 2009. It is globally known and highly appreciated in the industry for its unique training standard according its motto only the best for the bests” as well as for its exceptional practical proximity. So far, more than 1700 managers from all continents have benefited from the seminars offered by the IRIS Academy. 95% of them rated our courses as EXCELLENT” and recommend this to others. Hence you can look forward to a seminar that exceptional differs from events of other provider.

Inquiries for in-house seminars: Since there are not that many IRIS experts in Europe, this seminar isn’t scheduled, but we will be provided  course on demand. Hence, if you are interested, please contact us sending an e-mail to . We try to respond within 24 hours.