We closely navigate you to your final destination of IRIS Certification. Reliably and without detours.

No matter whether a club plays in a regional league, the Premiere League or even in the Champions League, the success of the team depends on the right coach.

What applies in sport, you can also transfer to the business. The right choice is important!

It’s always tough at the start. If you have decided to prepare your business for the IRIS Certification and you need assistance, you are at the right address. We have prepared more than 60 sites and they have always achieved between 65% – 70% points on the IRIS scale in their initial certification audit. This is no coincidence, because there is a system behind it!

After a detailed consultation, we prepare our program directly to your needs. In general, we begin with a gap analysis to identify your consulting needs and provide you with a forecast of how long the path will be that we want to go together. Afterwards, we agree with you the fields and the necessary resources. Up to here you can still have second thoughts. If then, however, you still say yes, there is no return. There will be workshops as required, revised processes, interfaces, roles and responsibilities agreed, and … and … and …

In the end, when we all feel that it fits, we make our “special” dry run. Anyone who survives this can be comforted by an IRIS approved certification body of his choice.

If you wish, we also provide our “all round no worries package”, i.e. we guide you through the bureaucracy of the registration, recommend a certification body, accompany you through the certification audit, and even then we don’t leave you in the lurch in case something needs to be reworked.

We are our cause pretty sure and we are not afraid to make a part of our fee dependent on your success!

ONLINE REMOTE SUPPORT – to help to help yourself

In June 2020 we have successfully gone online. This applies to training events, and also to our worldwide IRIS consulting services. The advantages are obvious:

  • no travel time, nor travel- or accommodation cost,
  • flexible schedules 24h /Mo-Fr, agreed with our customers, depending where they reside,
  • can be provided anywhere when Internet is reliably available.

Online – Coaching

  • based on an agreed planning, including NDA, schedules, work-packages, fair budgets, or fixed package prices,
  • freely scalable scopes depending on customer needs,
  • taking leadership and introducing a well-structured approach to manage the improvement project,
  • professional support providing world-class standards and proven solutions of the rail industry, including (1) drafts of all IRIS topics (flowcharts, procedures, templates), (2) tailor-made solutions, (3) final reviews and (4) internal audits, as necessary,
  • competent, professional, reliable, fair, and transparent.

Please download this information to better understand the way it works: IRIS online coaching & mentoring – step by step