February 2023 – Worldwide RAM/LCC Online Training

This was a truly global training event: participants from South America (Uruguay), Asia (Japan) and Europe (Switzerland) made the RAM/LCC online seminar in February this year an international event. Appropriate organizational measures were taken in the run-up to the training to ensure that everything ran smoothly. In particular, the training materials were sent to the participants by currier at an early stage, the live meeting tool was tested, and a time window was coordinated to accommodate the different time zones.

The topics RAM management and implementation, reliability, availability, maintainability and lifecycle costs were split over 5-day blocks. This allowed all participants to follow the training at acceptable times of the day: early in the morning, in the afternoon or in the late evening hours – and especially important, without any sacrifice compared to the content of the face-to-face classes. The great commitment of the organizers and the training participants has more than paid off. The learning results were consistently excellent, and the response and feedback from the training group was outstanding. In addition, all participants and also the instructor benefited from the international exchange of experience and increased the network.

CC-Rail would like to thank all participants once again. The ‘RAM/LCC world’ is small – so a face-to-face meeting is hopefully only postponed despite the large distances.


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