September 2020: Our new training calendar for 2021 is ready

In the coming year we will concentrate on 3 core topics:

  1. the basic seminar “INTERNAL IRIS AUDITOR” which will initially focus on all mandatory IRIS requirements,
  2. The IRIS seminar for advanced builds on this material and continues it consistently. In this new 2.5-day course we will mainly deal with the optional requirements that are essential to achieve the silver or gold levels. In addition, this course is a good opportunity to refresh your IRIS knowledge and to renew your auditor certificate, which may already have expired.
  3. The RAM/LCC seminar, which is in great demand.

All other courses are not off the table, but due to the low demand they are offered as in-house seminars only. This is a great pity and hardly to understand, but unfortunately not to change.

We also supplement our range of services with online seminars, as this is what our customers asked for. However, we assume that German courses are still of greater advantage as face-to-face seminars and therefore we limit this offer to courses in English language.


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