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UNIFE Magazine Nov.2007

During the last IRIS Steering Committee meeting held in Madrid on 15 June 2007, Andreas Heinzmann handed over his chairmanship to Hubert de-Blay. 

Andreas held this position since the beginning of the IRIS initiative and the creation of the Steering Committee. He has driven the development of the scheme and its very first year with enormous conviction and trust in achieving an essential step for the global improvement of Quality in the Railway Industry.”

Hubert de Blay – Chairman of the IRIS SteCo
Bernard Kaufmann – General Manager IMC

From the foreword of the IRIS booklet, revision 2 Michael Clausecker– UNIFE General Director

“After 4 years of work, we have managed to establish a reference for quality in the rail sector. Since the last revision, the IRIS Management Centre once more managed to improve the standard with the help of the IRIS advisory board, mandated working groups and our approved Certification Bodies. I wholeheartedly thank them for their work …
We would like to thank the following people for the excellent cooperation and contribution, without which the IRIS Rev. 02 would not have been possible:“

IRIS Advisory Board representatives:
… Andreas Heinzmann     …

IRIS Joint Working Group representatives:
… Andreas Heinzmann     …

Technical Forum for Improvement representatives:
… Andreas Heinzmann     …”

The Association of the Railway Industry in Germany (VDB) is one of the birthmothers of the IRIS – certification system. IRIS helps companies to tap the potential that lies in quality and process development and thus also profitability. The founder of the International Competence Centre Rail, who is well known in the association, stands for networked industry competence and independent consulting. Again and again, member companies want to know where they can find qualified and tailor-made information and training on IRIS. With the foundation of the International Competence Centre Rail GmbH, this address should now be available.

Axel Schuppe – Geschäftsführer VDB

“I welcome the foundation of the INTERNATIONAL COMPETENCE CENTRE RAIL. I hold in very high regard Andreas Heinzmann’s excellent competences in the areas of IRIS auditing and the training of IRIS auditors.”

Peter Boels – Head of Quality, Integrated Processes und Continuous Improvement

Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd. achieved IRIS Certification. This is a major milestone and great success for the company since LEEL is going to penetrate European and Asian Markets with excellent HVAC products. CC-Rail was recommended by Bombardier. The objective was to develop this supplier and to provide professional guidance in order to achieve IRIS Certification at minimal time and within agreed budget boundaries. Please read the letter of appreciation issued by R.K. Ganeshan, the CEO of the company.

PIXY AG in Turgi: Herr Heinzmann hat uns bei der Überarbeitung unseres Businessmanagementsystems in der Analyse als auch in der Umsetzung hervorragend unterstützt. Sein strukturiertes Vorgehen und sein exzellentes Fachwissen haben entscheidend zur erfolgreichen IRIS-Zertifizierung beigetragen. QM ist keine lästige Bürokratie sondern schafft Struktur, Sicherheit und Entwicklungspotential in allen Praxisbelangen – dies wurde uns durch die freundliche, geduldige und professionelle Unterstützung durch Herrn Heinzmann eindrucksvoll vermittelt. Wir danken Herrn Heinzmann für die wertvolle Arbeit und sind uns sicher, mit CC-Rail auch in Zukunft einen kompetenten Partner an unserer Seite zu haben.

Mark Meier von Streng (CEO) und Kristina Theuer (QMB)

ABB Wettingen: We thank Mr. Heinzmann from CC-Rail GmbH for his support during the preparation of our Business Unit for the IRIS Certification in accordance with Revision 02. He gave us many idea to improve our business processes systematically. Today after six months of counseling we see noticeable positive changes. He was capable to transfer his huge expertise and coached us in a canny and effective manner. We like to wish him good luck for further growing his business.

Antje Schmidt – Quality Manager

HASLER RAIL in Bern: Mr. Heinzmann has helped us to systematically identify and progressively eliminate our weaknesses. This has resulted in more than 1,000 improvement projects in the last 4 years, which amongst other things has led to the improvement of our risk management and project controlling, but also the introduction of a system to reduce and prevent quality deficiency costs. Mr. Heinzmann has guided us in a highly competent and professional manner to a very practical solution that fully satisfies all our needs. We are convinced that without his support we would have spent much longer dealing with such complex issues and that the cost will amortize in the near future.”

CCS in Lyss: has successfully passed its upgrade to IRIS Rev.02 without any Corrective Action Request. Thomas Flühmann and Peter Suter (CEO) said: “We thank Andreas Heinzmann from CC-Rail for the competent and effective support in implementing the requirements of the IRIS Rev. 02 standard and our preparation for the audit.”
CC-Rail conducted its second IRIS Internal Auditor Training in Switzerland. We especially thank the Selectron AG in Lyss which was kindly providing the training location in this year. Participants from Selectron AG, Railtec AG and Bombardier Transportation enjoyed the
course pretty much. Franz Keller from Selectron AG stated, that the course was very valuable for him since he can now proceed to further develop its Business Management System.

Bombardier in Savli: I would like to take this moment to thank you, not only at a personal Ievel, but also at a professional Ievel, on behalf of all the Bombardier representatives in Savli, India. Your insight and support for assisting our new site in achieving this 1st IRIS Certificate ; what seemed impossible to becoming a success has given not only myself, but the entire Bombardier team a great respect for you and firm International Comptence Centre Rail. In establishing professionalism, work ethics and a strong belief in the IRIS requirements we have become a company that will be a world class Rail manufacturing center in India. All my Quality Assurance members, from Supplier Quality, Production Quality, QMS and Testing will always have to thank you, on assisting us in our endeavors and final achievement. From all of Bombardier Savli we thank you and hope to have the pleasure of your support in the near future.

Edward Cancelliere, Head of Quality and Testing, Savli, India.
We sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing goals of Bombardier Savli site for IRIS certification scores and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your guidance was very helpful and gave us a new perspective on available opportunities .It was all due to your constant support and guidance that we achieved a score of 75 % in the IRIS surveillance audit this September.

Sunil Dhar, Director – Quality, Passengers Division, Bombardier Transportation India Limited, Savli Site, Baroda (India)