Quality is free. How you can pragmatically improve your margins by appropriate risk management and root cause analysis.

Truly successful companies are characterized by the fact that they do not seek short-term solutions, but are far-sighted in their decisions and show perseverance. They have realized that investments aimed at sustainable improvement of operational processes are worthwhile.

The subsequent three themes consist of a potential of 5%-10% margin enhancement that you should not carelessly give away. Most companies sense this, but see only the tip of the iceberg.

We can help with simple means to bring light into the darkness. Only if you actually know where the greatest risks are and where the most of the deficiency costs are, can you really do something about it.

Monetary weighted risk analysis
(Whereby and how much could the profit margin be cut and who has to mitigate the risk by when and for what cost?)
Capture and reduction of Quality Deficiency Cost
(What risks are materialized, why and who has caused it and how can we prevent it happening again?)
Plan – Do – Check – Act
(How to set realistic goals, how to measure progress in a right way, how to detect weaknesses and how to eliminate their root causes forever?)
If at the end the created solution fits seamlessly into your existing processes, if it adapts quite organically, if they hardly cause any storms at introduction, then it is often the result of very hard work and a lot of know-how. If everything looks at the end pretty easy and simple, then the consultancy was good.

BUSINESS CASE _IRIS implementation & ROI calculation