We are the specialists that help you unleash your potential.

Good advice need not cost the earth. However, what is often expensive is the lack of the right competence in your own ranks and the resulting long search for solutions. We enable in particular small and medium-sized enterprises to gain access to specialized knowledge in the field of IRIS Certification, thereby helping them reach their goals in the most optimal and cost-effective manner.

All our consultants were or are in a managerial position and typically have more than 20 years professional experience in the railway industry. Without ever losing sight of the objective, we accompany you along your journey to the IRIS Certification, and even beyond to business excellence. At the end we will save you time, unnecessary expenditure and your own resources.

And the results will speak for themselves. The IRIS certificate is your gateway to the railway business which will enhance your prestige in terms of quality. But most importantly you will have initiated internally a continuous improvement process that brings your company medium term measurable cost savings as well as quality improvements along the supply chain.

The presentation of our training and coaching programs in the following pages together with the introduction of our Partners is only a beginning. There are already concrete plans to further develop the programs with more interesting components every year. Exciting times are ahead!

Please take a look at our training and coaching services. We would be delighted to hear from you directly. In case you have to leave a message, we will aim to return your call within 24 hours.


Our pledge to you is three-fold: seriousness, professionalism and customer orientation.

Our global training and coaching services complement the IRIS Group’s existing portfolio of standardization and certification, with two important building blocks.

Naturally, advice has its price. We position ourselves in the moderate side of the medium price range. We invest a significant portion of our time in the different bodies of the IRIS Group and thereby contribute to the development, improvement and distribution of the Standard as well as the IRIS Certification scheme as a whole. As a result, we always have the latest information. Through our commitment and with the knowledge of how to deploy the IRIS requirements most effectively in practice, we can equip you with a real advantage over your competition.

Many of our Partners work for us as trainers and consultants as a side job alongside their regular occupation. Remaining closely connected to the operational reality, they are often well positioned to come up with solutions that are already proven in practice.