1. IRIS Competence: The founder of CC-Rail is one of the three initiators of the IRIS standard. He was the first chairman of the IRIS group, and led the development and launch of the IRIS standards. He has also been approved by UNIFE IRIS group as an IRIS Witness Auditor and Lead Auditor (there are only a few world experts who monitor the IRIS certification bodies on behalf of UNIFE). Featured in numerous publications, he is also frequently invited to be a guest speaker at international conferences, such as the SwissRail event in Berne. He has conducted technical examination and approval of both standards and audit questionnaires. CC-Rail employs one additional IRIS senior consultants (Andre Hasler). Both have been working in the field since the IRIS standard was introduced. CC-Rail guarantees firsthand information and correct interpretations of the standard.

2. IRIS experiences: CC-Rail consultants have prepared more than 60 sites for the IRIS certification, including industry leaders such as Bombardier, ABB, HARTING, and LEONI. Its customer base comprises more than 120 global players in the railway industry. CC-Rail’s IRIS Academy has trained more than 1,000 IRIS experts in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and the Middle East.

3. IRIS Practice: The CC-Rail team has combined more than 60 years of professional experience in management positions with public transport manufacturers. For each IRIS requirement, CC-Rail has at least one proven ‘best practice’.

4. Contacts: CC-Rail is well connected with all members of the IRIS group and all 14 approved certification bodies. In addition, CC-Rail’s quarterly newsletters are sent to more than 6,000 rail industry managers and engineers.

5. Success rate: According to UNIFE-statistics, about 90% of all firms fail their first audit, and must endure a re-audit due to non-compliance with certification requirements. CC-Rail’s customers have never had to go through a re-audit, having comfortably passed at the first attempt thanks to the company’s excellent consultancy services.

6. Profit for the company: Customers will only see returns on their investments (such as internal hours, certification costs, consulting fees) if IRIS standards are properly introduced. The standards increase the quality of goods and services, as well as making business processes more transparent, streamlined and efficient. Without the correct experience, local consultants often provide unprofessional advice that needlessly increases paperwork, and fails to include any original ideas or suggestions for improving market-leading companies.

7. Trustworthiness of our offer: Customers often face a high number of consultancy days, which require additional internal staff, hours and costs. Not with us! CC-Rail’s services are based on proven experience, facts and figures.

8. Reputation: Some rail companies have reported bad experiences with consultants. CC-Rail is a world leader in the niche area of IRIS certification who brings own idea and experiences. Its services are moderately priced in comparison with other international consulting companies. The company provides a warranty of all its services; if corrective actions are requested during the certification audit, CC-Rail will support you for free until your Certificate has been achieved.