Business objectives: to achieve compliance with IRIS requirements on a short track; no detours!
Purpose: to support clients during their preparation activities for an initial IRIS Certification in the most effective and efficient manner.
Program outline: after an awareness session and intensive discussions about the best way forward we will start with an analysis aimed to identify all gaps to IRIS requirements Rev.02.1, but also with the new IRIS/ISO norm in mind. The next step is to establish work packages and to agree on responsibilities, resources and schedule. Depending from the needs, several workshops will be held in order to meet all IRIS requirements. A severe pre-audit will minimize the risk of failure during the certification audit.
Deliverables: all our know-how, proven solutions, best practices and experiences,
– gap analysis, including Senior Management Awareness Session,
– preparation and support during gap closure, as needed,
– support for all administrative issues , e.g. selection of an adequate Certification Body, evaluation of Auditors with the right scope, check of the Certification Contract, etc.,
– IRIS pre-audit,
– preparation for the readiness review and certification audit.
Success rate: 100% passed 1st time, no corrective actions; (guarantee for free rework in case of corrective actions!)
your Coachs: Andreas Heinzmann & André Hasler
CC-Rail’s global training and coaching services are highly recognized and it became the world’s leading consulting firm in the niche segment of IRIS Certification.

IRIS coaching and certification process