Context: certifications are often seen as a necessary evil. Often one hears: The QM representative should take care of this… We are under cost pressure, so it should cost only little; as little effort, as possible … We wait until the customer asks . Only few companies recognize the opportunity. It is not just about the certificate on the wall!
The IRIS standard serves primarily to strengthen the management and leadership of the CEO and process owners, to structure, to clarify (especially at the interfaces) and to motivate, to continuously optimize and to make processes more lean (if necessary, even process restructuring), to come up with a user-friendly documentation (sometimes also to purify existing documentation), but above all, to increase efficiency and to improve the financial results. The certificate marks the goal of the first stage, only. In the end, after years, a cultural change leads to a real quality culture. Those companies, that recognize this, are playing in the Champions League. They are also willing to invest a reasonable amount in the best coaches, because they know, that success will pay off. All others will continue to climb up and down in their league, complaining about cost and term impression, fire fights and margin losses, without ever getting any of their investments back.

Trainer: Andreas Heinzmann
as usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first hand with you! In line with our credo The Best for the Best in the Rail Industry”, Andreas Heinzmann will present this seminar. He is a founder of the IRIS system and was the first president of the IRIS Group. Under his leadership, the certification system has been developed. Hence, he has been and still is a major contributor to all previous revisions. Among other things, he was also a member of the five-member team of experts, which has worked out the draft of the ISO/TS 22163 standard and gave numerous comments concerning the ISO DIS 22163. He provides you first-hand information that hardly anyone else could deliver. In addition, he motivates participants to deploy the IRIS requirements by explaining the usefulness and interrelations between the IRIS requirements, and by providing a wealth of context information and practical examples of the rail industry. He promotes a modern, user-friendly and lean set of visual business processes in a very clear structure. However, due to his independence, he is not afraid to openly address the numerous technical errors published with the new ISO 22163:2023.

Objectives: the aim of this course is to comprehensively familiarize participants with all the basics of the IRIS certification system on a fast track and to give you suggestions and ideas for implementing the ISO 22163 requirements in the daily business of your company with the demanding requirements of the railway sector in mind. After the seminar, you should have sufficient knowledge and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated. You will refresh or acquire above-average IRIS knowledge and deepen this on selected topics by case studies. The training aims especially at the exchange of internationally proven solutions as well as best practices from the railway industry.
Beside to the system integrators, well-known operators and railway ministries are increasingly contributing, making the IRIS certificates to the entry tickets for the entire railway sector. Now, many companies facing decision to introduce the globally recognized standard. The event should also provide these companies with all the information they need to enable a fact-based decision and to better estimate the effort.

Target group: managers / directors of the multifunctional IRIS implementation/maintenance teams from all participating sites (also from site extensions or remote functions, heads of QM, internal auditors, purchasing managers, process owners and business process experts (manager level) from all functions, such as sales, design & development / engineering, project management, procurement, manufacturing, work preparation/methods, quality management / quality assurance / quality control, commissioning / product introduction / services/maintenance, human resources, finance.

Content: in order to really understand the demanding IRIS requirements and the rail business, the following topics in particular are discussed in some depth:

  • understanding the IRIS evaluation scheme, including evaluation of enabler, process performance as well as customer perception performance according to IRIS CERTIFICATION RULES (IRIS Certification® Performance Assessment: 2023), stakeholder analysis and providing required customer perception data, etc.
  • understanding of mandatory and optional requirements of ISO 22163:2023 and ISO 9001:2015 and other optional requirements of IRIS assessment form. Detailed discussions of all mandatory business processes, including key requirements such as KO elements, KPIs, etc.
  • Solution approaches to all mandatory required processes (in flowchart presentation) as well as selected critical focus topics that can be directly implemented after the course, such as process orientation, risk-based thinking, risk and opportunity management (business, project, process and product safety risks), Quality Engineering in the development of rail vehicles and their systems, KPIs/consequential failure costs, competence management, IRIS procurement strategy, classification of external service providers and externally provided products and services, project management, special processes in production, maintenance or installation in the field . .. and much more.
  • studies &. presentations on IRIS Guideline 1:2020 KPIs, Guideline 2: 2022 FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION, Guideline 4: 2022 RAMS / LCC, Guideline 5: 2022 OBSOLESCENCE MANAGEMENT Guideline 6: 2020 SPECIAL PROCESSES, Guideline 8:2022 CONFIGURATION AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT, and Guideline 9:2022 RISK- AND OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT (from CC-Rail).
  • UNIFE commitment for the supply chain: 2013.
  • good and bad behaviors of internal auditors.
  • many practical exercises and real life case studies, including correct solutions of all exercises, as well as valuable templates for your further direct use (e.g. process review template, stakeholder analysis template, customer perception data template, gate checklist template, project FMEA template, etc.).
  • workshops to share and discuss proven solutions in the railroad industry. Almost all proven solutions will be handout electronically after the seminar. This will save you a lot of time after the course!
  • all topics are didactically presented in a training booklet that has been awarded top scores by many participants. We are sure that you will also refer to this booklet more often in the future. We strive to keep our entire documentation always up to date. Our booklet is used by many companies as guidelines and benchmarks around the world.
  • for a better understanding of the content structure of our IRIS training system, please refer to this qualification matrix of IRIS knowledge (skill levels 1-4).

The knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 would be an advantage as their requirements are an integral part of the seminar.

Duration: 5 exciting and intensive days (40 seminar hours).

Dates, minimum number of participants, number of vacant seats, agendas, venues, course fees and discount rates: these information can be found in the course table at  On this page, please either follow the linked offers or click on the green registration button.

Proof of performance: after successfully passing the exam, you will receive the certificate as INTERNER IRIS AUDITOR in GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE, depending on your results, as well as a detailed performance record of the material taught. The IRIS Academy certificates serve as proof of your IRIS knowledge for the next 3 years.

Language: the lecture and seminar documents are in English. 

Handout sample: please download a read sample .

Customer Satisfaction: CC-Rail is the world’s first and still the only provider of a comprehensive IRIS training concept that meets a wide variety of requirements, ranging from 2-day events to challenging 40-hour IRIS seminars. We have invested more than 1200 hours in all these seminar preparations and offer much more than just assisted reading. The IRIS Academy has been the HIGH SCHOOL” for managers in the railway industry since 2009. It is globally known and highly appreciated in the industry for its unique training standard according its motto only the best for the bests” as well as for its exceptional practical proximity. So far, more than 1700 managers from all continents have benefited from the seminars offered by the IRIS Academy. 95% of them rated our courses as EXCELLENT” and recommend this to others. Hence you can look forward to a seminar that exceptional differs from events of other provider.

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