The ‘HIGH’ school for IRIS Project Manager 

including Project Quality Management matters

Context: certified Project Managers are sought by more and more companies urgently. Because for many companies Project management has become an absolute MUST to complete tasks effectively and to keep deadlines and costs under control.
The ISO 22163 standard places very high demands on project management, i.a. also to the quality management in the projects. However, this often leads to significant problems, especially in medium-sized or smaller companies, especially if they are manufacturers only. We will show you how to correctly interpret the IRIS requirements (chapter 8.1.3) and introduce them sensibly in these companies with a sense of proportion.

Trainer: Andreas Heinzmann
as usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first hand with you! In line with our credo “The Best for the Best in the Rail Industry”, Andreas Heinzmann will present this seminar.
He has gained his Project Management experience as one of the first project quality manager within the rail industry. Already since 1990 he worked in consortium projects with AEG Westinghouse, Siemens, DUEWAG, Wagon Union and later with LHB and Alstom. In total, he spent over 10 years in various, sometimes very complex, rolling stock projects. Among other things, he was also a member of the five-member team of experts, which has worked out the draft of the new ISO 22163 standard. He provides you first-hand information that hardly anyone else could deliver. …read more

Objectives: this practices-related course aims to explain the basic roles, processes and tools of a project manager as well as for a leader of a quality sub-project in the railway industry. In this seminar, you will learn the basic principles of project management to be able to apply them correctly even under special conditions. In particular, the course will also contribute to improving teamwork and communication in the team. We specialize and expand your knowledge specifically to these project topics where projects often fail in practice: the lack of professional quality management.

Target group: project manager, project team members such as owner of sub-projects or work packages, project quality manager (PQM), quality planner, project buyer, project engineers, project controller, change and configuration manager.

Content: Specifically, we will elaborate on the following topics:

  • Introduction, project definition, project management cycle, project classification,
  • Integration Management, Project Mandate, PM Plan, PQMP, Product- and Process Approval Plan, FAI-Plan, Inspection & Test Plan,
  • Scope Management, work breakdown structure (WBS), product architecture – functional view and construction view,
  • Time Management, detailed project schedule (DPS), critical path
  • Cost Management, budgeting, controlling, cash flow management, Estimate @ Completion (EAC)
  • Quality Management, Gate Process, Gate Reviews/Checklists, Gate Principles, Open Issue management, Project reporting, Project Performance Indicators
  • HR Management, Core Team, Roles & Responsibilities, technical & behavioral competencies, Team Building, Belbin Assessment
  • Communication Management, clear Listening & Speaking, one roof concept / project meetings, control of project documents/archiving of records
  • Risk & Opportunity Management, monetary weighted Project FMEA, Risk provisions, Margin enhancements/savings, Quality Deficiency Cost / Cost of poor Quality
  • Configuration and Change Management, Change Process, – Request, – Notice, Change Control Board,
  • Stakeholder Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Customer satisfaction,
  • Procurement Management, Purchasing process, Material qualification and –approval,
  • many practical exercises and case studies from real life.
  • workshops to exchange and discuss best practices from the railway industry.

Duration and agenda: 4 exciting and intensive days (32 seminar hours) – please download the agenda from our secure server.

Proof of performance: after successfully passing the exam, you will receive the certificate as IRIS PROJECT MANAGER. The IRIS Academy certificates serve as proof of your IRIS knowledge for the next 3 years.

Language: the lecture and seminar documents are in English. 

Handout sample: please download a reading sample.

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